nplayers.ini fills the "Players" column of your favourite MAME / SDLMAME frontend letting you know how many players the game supports and if it's simultaneous play or not. You'll find more info in the text file included in the zip archive. Multiplayer.ini can be used in MAME directly as a custom filter.


Multiplayer.ini is supported by MAME and compatibles. nplayers.ini is supported by these frontends and used by these tools and websites.
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Previous versions:

NPlayers 0.245a
NPlayers 0.244
NPlayers 0.243
NPlayers 0.242
NPlayers 0.241
NPlayers 0.240
NPlayers 0.239
NPlayers 0.238a

NPlayers 0.237
NPlayers 0.236
NPlayers 0.235
NPlayers 0.234
NPlayers 0.233
NPlayers 0.232
NPlayers 0.231
NPlayers 0.230

Older NPlayers/NPlayers32 (for MAME 0.214-0.229)
Older NPlayers (for MAME 0.86-0.213)
Older NPlayers32 (MAME32/UI 0.87-0.213)

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